Geraldine Larkin

​This London based interior design company specialises in the most stunning examples of hand-embroidery available on todays market. After first training to become an architect, Geraldine Larkin got sidetracked by the fashion world and studied the subject at renowned Central Saint Martins. In 1990 Geraldine started her embroidery company and now offers over 20 years worth of expertise in the market. Her unique and contemporary style has been moulded by her experience within the fashion industry, and this has shaped her approach into the interior market beautifully.

Made In Britain

​The whole of 2012 has been a hive of patriotism, with the Queens jubilee and the Olympics sending everyone into the party spirit. The Jubilee was the biggest event for retail in our lifetime, with retail houses taking advantage of the feel good factor that had been spreading round like a wild-fire.

Jim Thompson

​An American business man who has been said to have “almost singlehandedly saved Thailand’s vital silk industry from extinction”. He revilalised the Thai Silk industry in the 1950s and 60s, and at the time of his sudden disappearance he was the most famous American living in Asia.