​The Best of Both Worlds - Mixing Curtains and Blinds to Transform Your Living Space

If you are looking for a quick way to re-vamp your living space and adding some layers to your windows, mixing curtains and blinds could be the answer. When pulled off properly curtains and blinds can blend together harmoniously, and allows you to enjoy your curtains open for a feminine look whilst still blocking the sun from your living space.

Complete Your Outdoor Living Space

​Enjoy the long evenings and sunshine of this spring and summer with our simple yet effective shading solution for external use. Our awnings are available in a wide range of fabrics, with the option for wind sensor and control panel.

Pinch Pleat Vs Ripplefold

Pinch pleat and ripplefold draperies are two of the most common types of draperies used in a variety of applications. Although both create flowing designs, they are constructed with different methods and work well in different situations so we thought we’d look at each in a little more detail to demonstrate this.